Are you looking for SEO services for your project, welcome to vaguestudios, you’re at a right place, vaguestudios consist of full of experts with huge amount of experience .SEO makes your website easily accessible and at the front page of the search engines and to make good impression to the customers.

What I Do

Search Engine Optimization

Static SEO  are ideal for websites of companies which include generally all the services based industries. I provides an interesting website with the use of flashy designs and effects. With my SEO Services you would achieve increased sales, competitive edge and maximum value for lowest possible marketing cost.

Content Optimization

I optimized our WordPress site to load in <1s with 100% GTmetrix scores (and multiple other sites to load 400% faster). Half our blog is dedicated to WordPress speed optimization tutorials. We provide before & after GTmetrix reports and use load time as the primary metric for testing, however there is a correlation with load times and scores in GTmetrix + PageSpeed Insights.


On Page Optimization

It is known as the most important term of SEO as much as your On-Page will be well-designed and user-friendly, as high as the chances will gain to get your website rank in the Google search engine. Moreover, Xperatech has the proven track record of dozens of brands for they have worked, and each of them has got the highest rank in the search engines.


We use Google Analytics and Search Console to provide detailed reports on your WordPress SEO. Google Analytics can be used to learn about your visitors (where they come from, location, gender, age, and much more). Learn how they interact with your site and setup specific tracking goals & events.


Once you have a solid keyword list, it’s time to create perfectly optimized pages around those phrases. Whether you need help developing new layouts or enhancing snippets to increase click-through rates (or even just using your keyword in the right places) we’re obsessed with on-page SEO.


Have me fix mobile, sitemap, indexing, and security errors in Google Search Console. We can also setup Search Console if you don’t have it already and proving training on using it to improve the overall health of your WordPress SEO. This includes using the Search Analytics report to track rankings + CTRs.

Our Strong Points

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  • Data Analysis
  • Business Consultation
  • Off Page SEO
  • On Page SEO

Let's Work Together!

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